" We have been using Soil Logix worm tonix formula for indoor and outdoor cycles.  There has been a substantial growth and yield increase by at least 25%.  I recommend this product to all our friends and family.  Small or large gardens can benefit from using this product." - Mr. + Mrs. Findley

"I have been using Soillogix, Worm Tonix for all growing season.  I am amazed at how healthy and lush green the plants are, as well as the number of bud sites.  The denseness of the flowers and quality of the product has surpassed expectation.  I would recommend using this product as a stand alone fertilizer for any garden."

- Sean

"After adding Soil Logix to our hydroponic system, we observed an unbelieveable increase in the growth of our plants" - Hydroponic Grower

"My strawberries have not produced anything in the last 4 years.  This year I have a bumper crop.  I used "grow + bloom" twice.  No one else I have talked with has had this much luck with their berries this year." - P.H. Washington

"I'm in my fifties and have been an avid gardner all my life.  I was so impressed with the results of Soil Logix on my tomatoes this spring that I've decided to use it on my artichokes and everything else." - Dan H.