Sacramento gets AGM's

In 2016 we began working with the Sacramento Health Department to install our Garden Systems with screen houses at schools where teachers are teaching children to grown food organically and teaching them about nutrition provided by what they can grow to educate them about obesity and diabetis. This led to installs in 2017 at a low income apartment complex and a gro[...]


In June we were invited to Hawaii to visit the Organic farmers on the Island of Kuai where we began to realize the great need for the islanders to be able to grow their own food in case of national disasters.

Newest AGM's

We launched the NEWEST AGM's that are able to be used as soil growing modules, hydroponic modules, aquaponic modules and aeroponic growing modules that can all have the newest technology to heat the soil in cold climates (with little cost using propane) giving the ability to start the growing process early in the spring and continuing to grow into the late fall and wi[...]

Universities + Schools

We began working with many Organizations and Universities to begin the process of how we can implement our technologies into their programs for education on nututrition.