Adaptive Growing Module (AGM)

The adaptive growing modules are a self- contained growing system that is compact, portable, and versatile. A.G.M.’s are comprised of a series of food grade bins that are elevated on stands and connected together with a 27 gallon water bin under the first stand. This design gives us the ability to configure them in many different positions and allows us to set them up virtually anywhere; i.e. rooftops, balconies, patios, backyards or even in a commercial indoor warehouses. They can be set up to grow using any medium or style i.e. soil, hydroponics, aquaponics etc.  They are fully automated with the ability to run off solar power. The AGM system has the capability to have a shade house or greenhouse attached, costing a fraction of most greenhouses. This also keeps the critters out!!!

The A.G.M.s are on stands so that means no loss of water into the ground, or any bending over and there are very few weeds to pull. This also ensures that the use of any pest control methods will not harm the immediate environment. The system has the unique ability to recycle the water. The bins drain back to the water reservoir which means the only water lost is due to evaporation or how much the plants use. This gives us the ability to grow food in almost any environment. Through years of research we have proven that the use of our A.G.M.’s in conjunction with our Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom can bring serious yields to small spaces. A.G.M’s were designed to require the least amount of attention possible. By the use of timers to water the crop and the integrated drain system, it doesn’t leave much to do except add the Worm Tonix to the reservoir monthly or as desired and then harvest.  By doing this we are hoping to change the outlook on gardening from “a lot of work” to “no biggie”. No longer do you need to worry about your garden while on vacation.  One of the many uses for the A.G.M.’s has been setting up growing modules with training and resources for the food deserts in the inner city, providing fresh food and teaching future generations where food comes from and how to grow it. A.G.M.’s have been used at schools for education purposes which could also provide the schools with their own food source. A.G.M.’s could also be set up for restaurants in the city to reduce the impact on farmers and close the gap between the field and the table, while cutting down on packaging, preservation, and shipping costs.