Worm Tonix – Grow & Bloom

At Soillogix we have created a natural liquid soil amendment that utilizes the proven power of worms to bring the necessary nutrients to the plant. Also known as vermicomposting, we use red wriggler worms, housed in large concrete beds to compost organic waste. We then use the compost or (worm castings) to create our liquid.


Here are just a few of the benefits from using Worm Tonix for your garden

● Improves root growth and structure

● Improves soil aeration

● Improves water holding capacity

● Enhances plant growth, crop yield, germination



Here are some of the benefits to the environment by having a worm farm at a

waste management facility:

● Creates low skill jobs at a local level.

● Bio-wastes conversion reduces impact on landfills

● Vermicomposting is more practical for less developed agricultural regions

● Helps close the metabolic gap through recycling waste on site.

● Production reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as methane and nitric oxide, the

two of which are produced In landfills when not composting