Soillogix is a family owned and operated company located on 10 acres in the sierra Nevada Mtn. range of northern California. Our company was started from a pound of worms and passion for gardening over 15 yrs ago. Today, we now have over 2,560 square feet of worms in 2 buildings! Using our worm castings we developed our proprietary process for liquefying them, thus creating a natural liquid soil amendment. We call it Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom, and it takes the natural fertilizing power of worm castings and makes it immediately bio- available to the plants root system.  Recognizing the need to reduce our carbon footprint and be more sustainable is one of the reasons we created our company. With the population ever increasing and industrial agriculture using G.M.O.’s and large amounts of pesticides, it’s obvious that we have to redefine how we grow food and what we define food as. This was the driving force behind the creation of our grow system. We call it Adaptive Growing Modules or A.G.M.’s

Our mission at Soillogix is to help reduce the impact of a growing world population, by providing easier, more effective ways of growing food. Our system not only simplifies gardening but uses the minimum amounts of space and water to get the job done. With the worms providing the nutrients to grow and our ability to compost our organic food waste the system makes a complete cycle from garden to table and back.  As we move forward into the future it’s clear that fresh water and food will continue to be very crucial issues across the globe. With the population expected to almost double in the next decade and starvation still the number one killer worldwide, the problem is definitely not going to solve itself.  Our passion for growing has taken us far beyond just a pound of worms in the last decade, and we hope that by simplifying the whole process it will generate a renewed interest in gardening for everyone. As our company grows we would like to employ veterans, especially our wounded vets, giving back a little to those that gave all, in hopes of further reducing an impacted society.